Bound To The Moon

Lauren Eckstrom

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Open those shoulders! Bound to the Moon is a Level 2, 60-minute class led by Lauren that’s all about opening this vital area of the body. A Power-Vinyasa yoga class, focus is on cardio and strength training, as well as detoxification and balancing postures.

Get ready to explore the “bound” version of Triangle Pose and Half Moon Pose in this class! Triangle Pose, or utthita trikonasana, is a standing pose designed to strengthen the legs while opening the hips and shoulders and stretching the hips, groins, and hamstrings. It’s considered an excellent pose in the treatment of back pain.

Half Moon Pose, or ardha chandrasana, is another standing pose that focuses more on balance. It’s designed to strengthen the thighs and ankles, stretch the hamstrings, and improve core strength and balance. Since core strength and balance are imperative to successful yoga practice, working on this posture is a fantastic way to improve both.

Join Lauren in her invitation to bring steadiness to your practice today. Breathe deeply and enjoy!