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Cardio Flow

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by Andrea Jensen   -  

 Level: 2     
  Duration: 20min    


Have only 20 minutes to spare for the mind and body today? Then check out Cardio Flow, a short yet highly­ effective Level 2 yoga class led by Andrea Jensen. A Vinyasa­ style class, focus is on strength and cardio training, as well as super sweaty flow.

Yoga class consists of a sequence of heart and shoulder “openers,” which are ideal for those who sit in front of a computer all day long, or carry the majority of their tension in the shoulders.

Because it’s only 20 minutes, you can get what you need without serious interruption to your day. It’s therefore perfect for hectic days, as those are the times you need to work out the most!

Begin class in Downward­Facing Dog and take a few moments to “tap into your breath.” Andrea reminds practitioners to continue to breathe through their noses throughout the practice, as breathwork is one of the foundations of yoga.

 Style: Vinyasa       
 Focus: Cardio, Strength, Super Sweaty Flow

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