Centering and Grounding Flow

Kyle Miller

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Join Kyle Miller in this Level 1+, 60 ­minute class designed to connect you with your physical and metaphysical center via powerful, conscious breathing and thoughtfully ­aligned movement. One of The Yoga Collective’s Hatha and Vinyasa ­style classes, focus centers around stress relief, basic postures, and creating a sense of well ­roundedness.

A complete class for all levels, it’s important to take time for this and similar yoga classes, as the stresses of daily life and hectic schedules can get to even the most centered individuals! Focused breath work is one of the best ways to alleviate stress and tension, and Kyle’s class is meant to leave you feeling grounded, calm, and centered.

Enjoy working with Kyle when feeling stressed or agitated, or any other time you need a mental and physical boost! Her soothing voice and excellent instruction make the hour pass in seemingly no time at all. Ideal for daily practice, melt into each movement and take advantage of all the benefits this class offers.