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Lauren breaks down Chaturanga Dandasana, which literally translates to four limbed staff pose. Chaturanga is a level 1 yoga pose and is used frequently during all basic vinyasa sequences, especially Surya "A".   Think about doing a push up, keeping your entire body from heels to head straight and strong as you lower you would hold the push up position with your elbows drawing in and your shoulders rolling back.  Keep your neck straight by reaching the crown of the head forward and gazing to the floor with your chin slightly tucked in.  Keep the belly drawn in to fire up the core and keep your center strong and stable. This pose builds a tremendous amount of upper body strength and will work your shoulders, arms and core all at once.  Remember to breathe!  Watch as Lauren gives step by step instructions and follow along.

*Modify this pose by dropping your knees to the ground.