Detoxifying Twisting Flow

Kyle Miller

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Restore digestive tract efficiency and spine suppleness with this Level 1/2, 30-­minute class by Kyle Miller. Focusing on detox and twists, this Hatha and Vinyasa class “wrings you out from the middle,” leaving you feeling cleansed and light as a proverbial feather.

A heat ­building yoga class, you’ll perform safe, effective twisting asanas linked to deep breathing. Twisting asanas, or twisted yoga poses, offer a variety of benefits in addition to spine and digestive tract health, as they use nearly every muscle in the body and are believed to positively affect the liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and stomach.

Twists squeeze internal organs while encouraging oxygenated blood flow and elimination of metabolic waste products and other toxins. And because yoga twists reduce if not eliminate tension from deep inside the body, you’ll feel relaxed and enjoy a greater sense of well ­being. Follow Kyle through this invigorating class that increases energy and helps stress vacate the body!