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Fire It Up!

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by TONY G.-  

 Level: 2+      
  Duration: 20min    


Bring your towel to this yoga class, and get ready to generate serious heat! A Level 2+, 20 ­minute option led by Tony Giuliano, Fire It Up! begins with the breath of fire before moving quickly into sun salutes. A rapid succession of inhalation and exhalation, the breath of fire is a form of breath control used to deal with fear, pain, depression, nervousness, and anxiety. It also contributes to heart and circulation health by flushing toxins from the bloodstream.

With a focus on the arms via Plank and the legs via squats in addition to a “fiery dose” of core work, this Hatha­style, super­ sweaty flow class tones and strengthens the upper body and the aforementioned core. A quick, intense class sure to have you headed for the shower, enjoy sweating toxins from your body while increasing flexibility and strength.

“Fire it up” today with Tony, and see if you don’t feel extra satisfied and limber at the end of the class!

 Level: 2+       
 Duration: 20 min       
 Style: Hatha         
 Focus: Super Sweaty Flow, Upper Body, Core

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