For The Love Of Balance

Lauren Eckstrom

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Feeling unbalanced to the point where mental and emotional unrest has manifested physically?

Give yourself a little TLC and take some time to enjoy For the Love of Balance. A Level 2/3, 40-minute class by Lauren, focus is on cardio and strength training, arm and other balancing postures, hip movement, and super sweaty flow.

This Power-Vinyasa yoga class is designed to help you cultivate internal and external balance via breathwork and challenging standing postures. Peak poses include Flying Pigeon, or Eka Pada Galavasana, and Crane Pose, or Bakasana. Flying Pigeon could be described as an extreme variation of the headstand, and it strengthens the wrists, shoulders, arms, and core while stretching the legs and hips. It is also believed to help with balance and digestive function. Crane Pose is another wrist-centric posture, and is designed to open the groins, tone the abdominal organs, and strengthen the arms and wrists.

Join Lauren and get started on improving your balance!