Gentle Yoga

Travis Eliot

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If you’re having a bad week (or a bad month) and the stress continues to mount, give your mind and body the break it sorely deserves with a Gentle Yoga class with Travis. A 20­-minute, Level 1, Vinyasa ­style yoga class, you’ll focus on relaxation, stress relief, flexibility, and basic yoga movements.

Melt away anxiety and tension in only 20 minutes! Start at the top of your mat in Mountain Pose, and decide whether to stand with feet together or shoulder ­width apart. Travis notes that if you choose the former, you’ll feel a much deeper connection to your sense of balance.

The world is an increasingly hectic place, and if we don’t take time to connect the mind to the body, it’s not difficult to end up feeling panicked, stressed, and just plain yucky! Don’t let to­ do lists and busy schedules get in the way of your practice, as it’s necessary for tackling other areas of your life with gusto!

Join Travis for this gentle session any time you need to de-­stress.