Hand to Big Toe Pose 2

Lauren Eckstrom

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Lauren breaks down Hand to Big Toe Pose- Variation 2 (Utthita Hasta Padagustasana II) Level 2 Utthita Hasta Padagustasana literally means Extended Hand Foot Big Toe Pose:)  This pose will challenge your balance and focus while strengthening your legs and ankles.  It also stretches the hamstrings and opens up the chest, shoulders and arms.  When you get into this pose it is common to feel extremely gratified so beware as feelings of joy and strength might flow through you from the inside out:)  Version 2 of this pose will stretch out the groin a bit more. *Modifications:  If you can't reach the big toe you could use a strap around the sole of the foot.  If you don't have a strap you could bend the knee and hold it out to the side with your hand on the same side. Watch Lauren as she guides you step by step into Hand to Big Toe Pose 2!