Just Twist

Andrea Jensen

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Detox from the inside out with Just Twist, a Level 2, 30-minute class led by Andrea Jensen.

Twists are very, very good for you in they “wring out the organs” and are therefore highly detoxifying. A moderately-paced, Vinyasa-style class that mindfully guides you through a series of basic twists, focus is on the core in addition to detoxifying twists.

Besides providing serious detox, twists improve digestive function, reduce back pain, maintain normal spinal rotation, and offer excellent stress relief. Twisting cuts off blood supply to digestive organs, and subsequently re-introduces fresh blood to your abdominals when you release the twist. You’ll also seriously improve the flexibility of your obliques and waistline.

A favorite group of postures for many yogis, follow Andrea on this fun and rewarding twist ‘journey’ and enjoy the many benefits it provides! Whether you take this yoga class several times a week or not, try to incorporate at least a few twists into your daily practice.