Kapalabhati and Bandha Engagement

Kyle Miller

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Interested in expanding your practice by learning more about breathwork? Kapalabhati and Bandha Engagement is the short and sweet session you’ve been hoping for. A Level 1­/2, 10­ minute breathing class led by Kyle, you’ll focus on yoga basics as well as Pranayama, or yoga breathing.

Kapalabhati Pranayama refers to “skull shining breath,” and alternates short, “explosive” exhalations with longer, more passive inhalations. Exhales are performed via strong contractions of the lower stomach, while the inhales suck air right back into the lungs. Celebrated as a fabulous way to warm up, detoxify, and energize the body in preparation for longer practice, Kapalabhati is something that takes time, but is definitely worth it! This class also utilizes bandha engagement to manipulate and control the breath as well as movement.

Join Kyle as she guides you through this breathing technique in 10 mere minutes! She makes the process easy to understand, and plenty of fun. Enjoy!