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Mantra Meditation

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by Kyle Miller    -  

 Level: 1      
 Duration: 10 min       


New to meditation, but eager to learn? Mantra Meditation by Kyle Miller offers a fantastic introduction to one of the simplest and most accessible meditation techniques. A 10­minute, Level 1 class, Kyle focuses on pranayama, or yoga breathing, in this “quickie” session.

Don’t worry about being an advanced meditator or yogi for this class! Kyle begins the session by having you find your seat (and even shows you the best way to do so for proper meditation), engage in stillness, and subsequently focus on the tip of your nose. The first meditation technique Kyle learned, she describes it as “awesome.” With every inhalation you’ll utter “Let”, and with every exhalation you’ll murmur “Go.” Pretty cool, right?

Enjoy feeling the day’s stress and tension melt away as you let Kyle guide you through this simple mantra. See if a sense of calm, clarity of vision, focus, and stillness don’t envelop you by the session’s end.

 Style: Pranayama, Quickies         
 Focus: Pranayama, Basics

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