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Meditate: Clarify & Release

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by Lauren Eckstrom     -  

 Level: 1      
 Duration: 10 min       


Get deeper and deeper into your meditation practice with Meditate: Clarify & Release by Lauren Eckstrom. A Level 1, 10­minute session all about meditation basics, Lauren discusses how we become what we focus on. With her guidance you’ll set an intention attuned to the movement of your breath, and through a deep focus on the breath you’ll come to a deep focus on the mind.

With every inhale you welcome an intention, and with every exhale you let go of old habits, upsetting stories, and current stress that might be blocking the intention. The sense of clarity that results is one you can easily take with you into your practice, the rest of your day, week, month...

Situate yourself so you’re as comfortable as possible before closing the eyes and focusing on the breath. Keep your body soft and consider joy, abundance, health, or any other intention you’d like to bring to your life. Breath deeply and enjoy!

 Style: Quickies, Meditation        
 Focus:  Basics

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