Power Yoga Flow 40

Travis Eliot

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Remember when you could stretch your limbs into crazy contortions? How about a time when your energy level was seemingly boundless? Are you simply interested in maintaining your balance and flexibility? Whatever your reason, Travis’s 40-­minute Power Yoga Flow is an excellent way to work on all of these issues.

A Level 2 class, focus is on balancing poses, strength, and flexibility, as well as an overall sense of well­ roundedness. Class style is a combination of Vinyasa and Power, allowing you to condition and tone the muscles while helping the heart and mind.

Bring balance back to your life with this and other selections from The Yoga Collective! Begin in the always ­relaxing Child’s Pose and spend the next 40 minutes working on you. Whether you take class in the morning, evening, or midday, the session is sure to help you find that balance you need! Have fun!