Short Sweet and Sweaty #3


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The third of a series that gets you “into and out of” of practice very quickly, enjoy this Level 2, 20-minute session led by Anaswara. Warm-up is brief but intense, style is Vinyasa, and focus concerns strength, cardio, super sweaty flow, and well-roundedness.

A class that centers on core, upper body, and standing work, it’s recommended that if you need more time to warm up, you should do so before hitting ‘play.’ The class moves into Plank Pose almost immediately, and as any yogi knows, Plank is no joke!

Generate some serious heat, get the juices flowing, and feel good about completing practice even when on a tight schedule. Remember to breathe as you move seamlessly from one pose into the next, all while listening to Anaswara’s easy-to-follow instructions. Whether looking to advance your practice or simply challenge yourself, this 20-minute session provides plenty of time to work up a healthy, detoxifying sweat.Try this class in the morning before work or in the evening after a hard day.