Soulful Heart Opening Flow 60

Rachelle Tratt

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Clear the mind while opening the heart and building heat in the body. Soulful Heart Opening Flow is a Level 2, 60­-minute yoga class in the Vinyasa style. It focuses on the shoulders, as well as heart opening sequences, cardio training, backbends, and super sweaty flow.

Led by Rachelle, you’ll start class on your back and engage in some serious breath work before getting into the heat­building movements. Rachelle asks practitioners to spend a minute setting an intention to the next 60 minutes, and inquires how it would feel to work through the class with “an open heart.” A fantastic session for when you want to spend a little more time on your practice, allow the day’s craziness to leave your mind so you finish class feeling clear, calm, and energized.

Join Rachelle on this heart­ opening journey and get ready sweat out stress, toxins, and anything else holding you back!