Surfing The Waves

Tony Giuliano

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“Surf” your way through these yoga poses! Surfing the Waves is a Level 2, 30-­minute class lead by Tony Giuliano, and one sure to become a favorite. The class’s style is Hatha with a focus on backbends, hips, core, and general balance.

The idea is to “line up” the breath with the postures so each movement flows like water from one to the next. Enjoy standing postures, core and hip work, as well as full wheel pose, or urdhva dhanurasana. Full wheel pose is a backbend that drastically improves spinal flexibility while strengthening the arms and stretching the chest and shoulders.

It’s recommended that beginner yogis attempt this pose with wide hands before pushing up, while advanced practitioners may move into the posture one leg at a time, straight up towards the ceiling. Follow Tony through this moderately ­paced yoga class and enjoy working on urdhva dhanurasana! Practice staying grounded while focusing on the present moment as you “Surf.”