Take A Breath

Tony Giuliano

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An ideal class when you only have a few moments but wish to feel centered and peaceful,

Take a Breath spans 20 minutes and focuses on yoga basics as well as backbends, the core, and twists. A Level 1, Hatha­ style class led by Tony G, it’s a great way to get the breath flowing. Tony challenges practitioners to come back to the breath throughout the yoga class, and subsequently build poses with the breath.

Move through basic standing postures, gentle backbends and twists, and core work­­ Tony encourages pose modification if necessary. The perfect class if needing to focus on breath work or having a stressful day and want to remind yourself to breathe, deep breathing is one of the quickest and most effective methods of calming the mind and body. Tony makes it easy to remember to breathe throughout this fantastic option from The Yoga Collective.

Take a breather today! Join Tony in this class and enjoy the peaceful, easy feeling that results.