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Tone That Tummy

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by Andrea Jensen   -  

 Level: 2+      
  Duration: 60min    


Tired of dealing with a flabby middle, and wondering if it’s affecting your yoga practice? A strong core is essential to advancing practice, something this class can easily help you with! Led by Andrea Jensen, Tone That Tummy focuses on tightening the midsection to create a long, lean, toned torso. A Vinyasa-style class, in addition to the core focus is on strength, cardio, and “super sweaty flow” yoga.

This challenging yoga class is perfect for anyone looking to whittle their middle and build the strong core they need to successfully continue their practice. Sweat is one of the best ways to know you’re burning calories, and also provides a way to remove nasty toxins from the body.

Bring a towel and get ready to sweat it out with Andrea--your abs will burn and hum throughout the class...and after! Get rid of toxins and stress, and feel fantastic after the hour is over!

 Style: Vinyasa        
 Focus: Core, Super Sweaty Flow, Strength, Cardio

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