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Lauren breaks down Tree Pose (Vrksasana). Level 1 Tree Pose, a yogi favorite, is a basic and fun balancing yoga pose that will challenge your focus and attention.  For some this pose comes natural and easy and for others it could be quite the work in progress.  In all balancing poses precise concentration is the key so find a point to gaze on the horizon (eye level) and focus intently on that spot.  This will help keep you calm and balanced while tapping into deep inhales and exhales.  There are several variations with the hands and feet so choose the one that feels best to you! *Modifications:  Foot may be on the inner shin (do not place on the knee- only below or above).  You may also keep your toes on the ground with your leg turned out.  Hand in prayer or grow branches and reach them to the sky. Watch as Lauren guides Lindsey step by step to her most expressive and strong Tree!