Triangle Pose

Travis Eliot

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Travis breaks down Triangle Pose aka Trikonasana.

A Level 1 pose, Triangle is a strengthening and stretching yoga pose and engages many parts of the body all at once.  It will strengthen your core, legs and open up the hips and hamstrings.  Think of your body stacked on a single plane as you try to lengthen and extend your spine straight out in front of you.  Draw your belly in and tap into your core to keep from collapsing in the spine. The idea is to work your upper body to parallel with the floor.  Think the geometric shape of a Triangle.

*Modifications:  Blocks are definitely recommended. to place under your hand.  You could use 1,2 or 3 blocks to get to a spot that's comfortable for you.  If block are not around you could place your hand on your shin.  If your neck feels strained you may look straight ahead or down for more comfort. Watch as Travis guides you step by step into this amazing beneficial posture.