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Twist & Detox

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by Lauren Eckstrom   -

 Level: 2+     
  Duration: 30min    


Enjoy this Level 2, 30­minute class with Lauren Eckstrom and take some time to detoxify today. A Power­ Vinyasa class, focus is on cardio and strength training, as well as detoxification, super sweaty flow, balancing postures, and twists.

Get your heart pumping and your energy up as you work your organs via a series of twists. Twists are a fundamental part of yoga practice, and allow you to “wring out” your organs. The postures cut off the flow of blood to the digestive organs, and introduce fresh blood (and therefore fresh nutrients and oxygen) to the organs once the twist is released. Fresh blood aids the cells in the cleansing of built­up waste among other fabulous benefits.

Twists also allow you to activate the spine and therefore maintain normal rotation, while also reducing any back pain and general stress. Join Lauren on this powerful, twist­tastic journey....your organs and spine will love it!

 Style: Power, Vinyasa     
 Focus: Cardio, Detox, Strength, Balancing Poses, Super Sweaty Flow, Twists

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