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Vinyasa Core Flow #1

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by Anaswara  -  

 Level: 2+      
  Duration: 30min    


The first of a series of classes designed to immerse you in a creative flow sequence and strengthen the core, Vinyasa Core Flow #1 is a Level 2+, 30-minute class guaranteed to get the juices flowing. Focusing on cardio, strength, core and upper body work, balancing poses, super sweaty flow, and well-roundedness, class style is Vinyasa.

Led by Anaswara, this class takes you on a journey through a variety of yoga poses and transitions, and begins in a standing forward bend on the back of your mat. You’ll move into Plank Pose quickly enough, which provides a serious core workout requiring intense concentration and monitoring of the breath.

Get hot and sweaty as you focus on your breath and “rivers of energy” flowing through the arms and legs. Let Anaswara guide you through this sweat-inducing practice, and enjoy ridding the body of nasty toxins while increasing your energy level. What’s not to love?

 Style: Vinyasa     
 Focus: Well-rounded, Strength, Cardio, Super Sweaty Flow, Balancing Poses, Core, Upper Body

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