Warrior 1

Travis Eliot

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Travis breaks down Warrior 1 aka Virabhadrasana I.

A Level 1 pose,  Warrior 1 is one of the first (hence the name Warrior 1) standing poses you might have learned.  It is commonly used in Vinyasa yoga classes and especially in Surya Namaskar "A" or Sun Salute A.  Warrior 1 will strengthen your legs, core and arms and opens your chest and hips.  You will get an overall feeling of strength and energy when holding this pose.  It is a minor twist as well and trying to square your torso to the front will always be a challenge wether your a beginner or an advanced yogi.  Have fun, be expressive and enjoy this amazing posture. *Modifications:  Always listen to your body!  Watch for dumping or over arching your lower back.  To counter that action draw your belly button in towards the back of your spine and engage your core. Watch as Travis takes you step by step into your Ultimate Warrior I Pose!