Warrior 3

Shayna Hiller

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Shayna breaks down Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana III) also know as Superman!

A Level 2 pose, Warrior 3 is a powerful balancing yoga pose.  This yoga pose will tone your entire body and especially your legs.  Keep the core engaged for proper balance and alignment and keep your focus on a spot on the ground to help your mind clear and concentrate on the moment.  There are several arm varieties so choose the one that feels good to you. Options are arms forward, hands in prayer or arms back like wings palms up or down. Try to feel light as though you are gliding through the sky. *Modifications:  Place a bend in your standing leg as deeply as needed and place your hands on two blocks in line with your shoulders. Watch as Shayna takes you step by step into through your Warrior 3 Pose.