Yang- Short & Sweet

Lauren Eckstrom

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Join Lauren in this 20-minute, Level 2 class entitled ‘Yang--Short & Sweet.’ A Yin-style class that involves holding postures for five minutes or longer, focus is on well-roundedness, super-sweaty flow, and cardio.

Yang is the antithesis of Yin, with Yin activity slow and steady, and Yang activity more mobile and dedicated to maintaining core strength. The main difference between Yin and Yang yoga is level of engagement, and whether the yin or yang tissues are targeted.

Start class at the top of the mat and take a minute to make a commitment to energize the body and seal in the breath. You’ll quickly move into a pushup position, or Plank Pose. Stay where you are or do three yogi-style pushups....and get ready for a short yet intense yoga class!

Take some time for yourself today, especially if it’s been a hectic day or week. You’ll feel energized yet calm following class completion!