Yoga Basics

Travis Eliot

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Are you new to yoga, or interested in getting back to the foundation of your practice? Yoga Basics by Travis Eliot is the ideal session for you! A Level 1/2, 60-­minute vinyasa style class focusing on alignment, basic movements, and Pranayama.

Pranayama refers to the “fourth limb” of Ashtanga Yoga, of which there are eight. All about the art of breath control, learning to breathe properly not only brings more oxygen to the blood and brain, it is also believed to help rule over Prana, or life energy. Breath work is an essential component of yoga, with Pranayama one of the first lessons taught to new yogis. In addition to gaining control over the breath, the process is meant to solidify the mind , body, breath connection.

Join Travis on this journey and get ready to go inward! Go back to the basics of your practice and enjoy working on that powerful connection.