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Cow Face Pose – Gomukasana

Pose Summary

Cow Face Pose aka Gomukasana is a deep hip stretch. The challenge is to keep you seat steady while also stretching your shoulders and arms.

Yoga Collective - Cow Face Pose – Gomukasana


Step 1

Start in Dandasana, seated on the earth with the legs extended out in front of you and the arms alongside the body.

Step 2

Bend the knees to place the soles of the feet onto the ground. Then, place the left foot under the right knee and slide it to the outside of the right hip. Stack the right knee on top of the left knee and slide the right foot to sit next to the left hip. 

Step 3

Shift the weight from side to side until you come to sit evenly on both sit bones.  

*Modification: You can place a block or folded blanket underneath your hip if it’s not reaching the ground.

Step 4

Extend the left arm straight up to the sky with the palm of the hand facing forward. Then, bend the left elbow and place the left hand on your spine. 

Step 5

Reach the right arm out to the side, shoulder height with the palm facing down. Rotate the arm to face the palm in back of you. Then, bend the right elbow and slide the right hand up the middle of the back. Place the forearm into the crevasse of the back.

Step 6

Slide the top arm down and the bottom arm up until you can clasp the fingertips. The elbows should be on a vertical plain pointing up towards the sky and down towards the ground respectively. Don’t let the elbow splay out. 

Step 7

Draw the lower ribs and gently engage the belly. Boarden across the collarbones. Lengthen the body from the sit bones to the crown of the head. 

Step 8

Soften the gaze slightly up towards the sky.

Step 9

To get out of the posture, release the clasps of the fingers and uncross the legs. Return to Dandasana and repeat on the opposite side.


  • Stretches the hips, shoulders, ankles, thighs, armpits, triceps, chest, and side body 
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue 
  • Increases blood flow


  • Shoulder, neck, or knee injury