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Firefly – Titibhasana

Pose Summary

Firefly Pose aka Tittibhasana is a challenging arm balance that requires highly open hips and soft hamstrings. Make sure to warm up properly with preparatory poses before attempting this pose.

Yoga Collective - Firefly – Titibhasana


Step 1

Start in Tadasana.

Step 2

Separate your feet a little less than shoulder distance apart and squat down until your seat is almost parallel to the floor.

Step 3

Tuck in your right shoulder behind your right leg and then the left shoulder behind the left leg. Legs are still bent.

Step 4

Place your hands down on the floor just outside your heels. Hands are shoulder distance apart and fingers spread wide. Arms are straight.

Step 5

Start lowering your seat and lean back a little so you feel the weight shifting into your hands instead of your feet.

Step 6

Constantly squeeze your legs into your midline so they stay behind your shoulders. A common problem in this pose is that they start sliding down your arms.

Step 7

Lift your feet off the ground and stretch the legs out. The energy in your toes is aiming forward+upwards and your seat in the opposite direction. Legs are still on your shoulders and arms remain straight. Gaze forwards.

Step 8

To get out of the pose return the same way you came into it.


A slightly easier option of your hips are not fully open is to gently bend the elbows and let the legs rest on your triceps. Here your seat is more lifted and the upper body and legs are parallel to the floor.

If you feel weak but want to get a feeling for the pose you can place a block or two under your seat as a support. Maybe try to play with shifting your weight into your hands and lift the seat off the block.

An alternative way to get into this pose is from seated in Dandasana and bring the legs up behind your shoulders, however some think it is harder to get the second leg up and behind.



  •  Builds arm, shoulder and core strength.
  • Stretches hips and hamstrings.
  • Improves balance, mindfulness and body awareness.
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem.


  • Avoid this pose if you have any wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip or hamstring injuries.
  • You might want to avoid this pose if you are unable to keep the spine straight and feel some discomfort in your lower back specially if you suffer from sciatica, spondylitis or other back/disc problems.