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Gate Pose- Parighasana

Pose Summary

Yoga Collective - Gate Pose- Parighasana


Step 1

Start by kneeling on the floor. Thighs, knees, shins and feet are together. The hips are directly over the knees. The spine is long and the thighs are perpendicular with the earth. 

Step 2

Extend the right leg straight out to your right side. The leg is inline with the hip and the knee is pointing up towards the sky. Work towards bringing the sole of the right foot to the earth.

Step 3

Square the hips off and make sure they are even. The torso remains long.

Step 4

On an exhale, bring the arms out to shoulder height on either side of your body. The palms face down. 

Step 5

Gently bring the right hand to the right thigh, shin or ankle. Make sure you don’t crunch the right side body but rather keep it long. Flip the left palm to the right and extend the left arm up towards the sky. Then reach that left arm up and to the right. The left bicep is gently touching the left ear. Bend the torso towards the right while keeping the right side body lengthening.  

Step 6

Make sure the left shoulder is not hiking up towards the left ear. 

Step 7

Soften the gaze up towards the sky. 

Step 8

To release, use the strength of the core muscles to lift the left arm up and to bring your torso back to perpendicular with the earth. Gently release the left arm down and bring the right knee next to the left. Repeat on the opposite side. 


  • Stretches the side body, shoulders, neck, intercostal muscles & core muscles 
  • Therapeutic for respiratory issues  
  • Alleviates symptoms of pregnancy and creates more space in the body for the growing fetus 


  • Knee & neck injury