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Knees to Chest Pose – Apanasana

Pose Summary

Knees to Chest Pose aka Apanasana is a wonderful way to release the low back. For an extra massage you can grab on to the knees individually and circle in one direction and then in the opposite.

Step 1 

Start by laying on your back with the legs extended out in front of you and the arms alongside the body 

Step 2

On an exhale, hug the knees into the chest and clasp your hands around the front of them. If you have the flexibility, place the forearms over the shins and grab the opposite elbows with the opposite hand. 

Step 3

Tuck the chin slightly to lengthen the neck. Keep your head and back flat on the earth including the sacrum. Draw the shoulders away from the ears and broaden across the collar bones. 

Step 4 

If you are comfortable here you can rock gently back and forth or from side-to-side. 

Step 5

To release, take an exhale, extend the legs out and bring the arms to rest alongside the body. 

Yoga Collective - Knees to Chest Pose – Apanasana


  • Relieves gas 
  • Stimulates digestion 
  • Stretches the lower back 
  • Clams the mind


  • Hernia 
  • Recovering from abdominal surgery 
  • Spine, hip or knee injury 
  • Pregnant woman after 1st trimester