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Peacock Pose – Mayurasana

Pose Summary

This is an advanced arm balancing pose where the key to succeed is in great core strength. Its anti-gravity element will give you a sense of flying and stimulates your abdominal organs. Be patient and kind to yourself as this pose requires dedication and lots of practice for most to achieve.

Yoga Collective - Peacock Pose – Mayurasana


Step 1

Start in table top position, hands and knees on the mat.

Step 2

Turn your hands so the fingers point backwards (towards your knees).

Step 3

Walk your hands in closer to each other so the pinky fingers and elbows touch.

Step 4

Bend the elbows and lower yourself down while tucking in your upper arms below your ribs, your core is supported on your elbows.

Step 5

Look slightly in front of you, lengthening your upper body and start leaning forward. Shifting the weight into your hands. Core is engaged.

Step 6

Walk your feet back so you are in a variation of plank pose.

Step 7

Squeeze your legs together while internally rotating the thighs.

Step 8

Shift your weight fully into your hands. When you find your sweet spot start trying to lift your toes off the ground. Elbows and wrists stay in 90 degree angles. Crown of the head and toes pulling in opposite direction lengthening the body.

Step 9

To get out slowly lower down and rest in Child’s pose for 5 breaths.


If you find difficulty in lifting up your legs keeping them straight then start with practicing Padma Mayurasana which is slightly easier if Lotus pose is available for you.


  • Strengthens core, wrists and arms.
  • Stretches the forearms.
  • Massages the abdominal organs, promotes digestion, reduces constipation and releases toxins from your intestines.
  • Promotes self-confidence, focus and balance.
  • This pose activates the pancreas to produce insulin making it beneficial for people with diabetes.



  • Release the pose gently and safely to avoid any wrist injuries.
  • Avoid if already having wrist or elbow injuries.
  • Avoid if being pregnant.
  • Avoid if having high blood pressure.