April 25, 2022 by Yoga Collective

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? Now is a great time to reflect on your day-to-day, relax, and pause. If you find that you are constantly on the go, or feeling overwhelmed then you may want to try to dial things back. Check out these three healthy ways to find your calm and destress right in the comfort of your own home. 

Try Online Stress Management Techniques

If you feel stressed at home, you may feel unsure where to find resources or how to calm down. However, online you can find many resources for stress relief and management without having to leave your house. For instance, it may help you to consult an online psychiatry professional that can help you evaluate your stress and anxiety so you can better manage your feelings. Another great option in our connected world is to try a guided stress relief class. You can follow along with an instructor right in your living room. Set up a relaxing corner in your home, you can decorate it with some wall tapestries, a water feature, and a cute yoga mat. Then let your stressful thoughts go by unwinding with breathwork, and practicing meditation.

Get Busy In the Kitchen

An excellent tool for combating stress is to get busy and focus your attention on something specific. In order to stop being consumed by stressful thoughts, try a fun activity. A great one would be to get busy in the kitchen and learn how to cook a new healthy recipe. Not only will this serve the purpose of helping you become absorbed in the task at a hand, but also can help you improve your overall health by having you cook meals from scratch, rather than pop a frozen meal into the microwave. As you cook, put on some uplifting tunes, relax and breathe in the delicious aromas from your home-cooked meal. Not only does this have a calming effect, but can help prevent you from stress eating, and instead beat your cravings by trying something healthy like chia pudding. Nourishing your body with a healthy diet can do wonders.

Learn About Your Chakras 

A great way to fight back against stress is to learn about chakras and practice at-home yoga. Think of chakras as your body’s energy centers. Each one corresponds to a different part of your body and emotion. When you are feeling stressed breathe deeply and focus on channeling positive energy, thinking clearly, and practicing some exercises to try to balance your chakras. Start by focusing on balancing your crown chakra and work your way through all seven chakras until you get to balance your root chakra. Spending time on focusing your chakras can really be therapeutic and help you destress at home, and release the stress that may be weighing you down.

Now that you have these three powerful stress management tools in your back pocket, don’t forget to embrace them. Work them into your day to help you slow down, destress, and decompress. Taking time to let your body rest and recharge, can help you beat stress and find your balance.