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Core Power Flow

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by Kyle Miller   -  

 Level: 1+      
  Duration: 30min    


Want to spend serious time on your core? Join Kyle Miller in this 30­minute, Level 1+ class in the Hatha and Vinyasa styles. With a focus on core strength, you’ll work your abdomen from this creative sequence’s beginning to end.

Kyle uses pranayama and bandha engagement during the yoga class to ensure you feel that burn! Pranayama refers to the “breath of life,” and involves the art of breath control. Bandha engagement concerns “body locks” in Hatha yoga, and consists of contraction of the perineum, contraction of the abdomen into the rib cage, or a tucking of the chin into the chest....or all of the above.

Whittle your waist with pranayama and bandha engagement! There’s no way you won’t “feel it in your abs,” both during and after this class. The sequence strengthens the abdominals and the body in general, and contributes to a sense of well­roundedness. Enjoy this class by yourself or with friends!

 Style: Vinyasa, Hatha       
 Focus:  Well-Rounded, Core, Pranayama, Strength

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