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Letting Go

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by Andrea Jensen   -  

 Level: 1     
  Duration: 30min    


We hold an amazing amount of tension in our hips, especially if we spend a good chunk of the day commuting to work and sitting at a desk once we get there. This Level 1, 30-minute class by Andrea Jensen features a short sequence designed to stretch and open your hips, which helps lessen back pain. It also makes walking, sitting, and standing more enjoyable!

A Vinyasa-style class focusing on stress relief, flexibility, relaxation, and basic yoga movements in addition to the hips, allow yourself to let go of daily worries and any other tension that’s been hanging around this vital, often-ignored area. The emotional release you receive from this and similar yoga classes contribute to a happier, more peaceful life, a benefit that’s invaluable!

Join Andrea on this brief yet soulful journey and rid yourself of hip tension. Practice with Andrea a few times a week and say buh-bye to such tension for good.

 Style: Vinyasa        
 Focus: Hips, Stress Relief, Relaxation, Flexibility, Basics

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