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Short Sweet and Sweaty #2

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by Anaswara   -  

 Level: 2      
  Duration: 20min    


Only have a few minutes to burn as many calories as you can? Short, Sweet, and Sweaty #2 is the perfect class for you! The second in a series of short, intense classes focusing on super sweaty flow, cardio, strengthening exercises and balancing poses as well as the core and upper body, class style is Vinyasa.

Enjoy a brief but intense warm-up before getting started, and if you need more warm-up time don’t hesitate to pause the class and do some extra work on your own. Each class in this series, all of which are led by Anaswara, feature a substantial amount of core, standing, and upper body work.

Get the juices flowing, the blood pumping, and the heart rate up as you delve into this 20-minute session. Perfect for days where you’re short on time but still want to practice, this Level 2, 20-minute yoga class is excellent for advanced yogis as well as intermediate practitioners looking to challenge themselves.

 Style: Vinyasa     
 Focus: Well-rounded, Strength, Cardio, Super Sweaty Flow, Balancing Poses, Core, Upper Body

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