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Twist & Flow

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by Lauren Eckstrom   -  

 Level: 2+      
  Duration: 60min    


A Level 2+, 60-minute, Vinyasa-style class led by Lauren Eckstrom, this option is accessible to anyone, regardless of practice level. Focus is on twists and cardio, as well as super sweaty flow and body detoxification. You’ll cover several yoga fundamentals in this class, including Triangle, Warrior 2, and assorted forward folds.

Warrior 2, or virabhadrasana 2, is a beneficial standing pose designed to strengthen the arms and legs, tone the abdomen, and open the chest and shoulders. Triangle Pose, or utthita trikonasana, is another standing pose that frequently follows Warrior 2. It strengthens the legs, groins, hamstrings, and hips while also opening the shoulders and chest. It is sometimes used to relieve back pain.

Join Lauren on this gentle flow journey and enjoy the many benefits it provides! Use it to start your day or relax in the evening. It also works well as a midday pick-me-up. Begin in Child’s Pose and get moving!

 Style: Vinyasa     
 Focus: Twist, Detox, Super Sweaty Flow, Cardio

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