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“I teach Kundalini Yoga, a fiery and invigorating practice using Breathwork, Meditation and Mantra. Challenge yourself and discover the ability to move through the blocks in your life with grace and dignity.”

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About Me:

Sukhdev Jackson is a Kundalini Yoga, meditation teacher and sacred musician with the group Aykanna. She has over 15 years experience in leading woman’s empowerment work and working with the ancient sacred sound currents of India for healing.

Sukhdev brings passion, laughter and live music to a challenging and meditative class. Having been through a decade of addiction and recovering successfully, Sukhdev touches the heart of people with an authentic voice about facing what is really going on beneath the surface and empowering them to accept and reconnect with the whole tapestry of their being.

Sukhdev is the co creator of Aykanna and The Conscious Relationships Course. A platform using sacred music and ancient wisdom teachings for healing the relationships in your life.

 Intro to Sukhdev Jackson:

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