Core Power Flow

Travis Eliot

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Feeling off-balance, or perhaps a little weaker than you would like? Then join Travis for Core Power Flow, a 60-minute, Level 2/3 class focusing on cardio and strength training as well as core work and super sweaty flow.

A Power-Vinyasa yoga class, enjoy an increasing level of balance and power as the session moves forward. Travis starts practitioners in Child’s Pose to get them centered, relaxed, and ready to sweat. He encourages everyone to take a moment and “allow the class to reinforce physical strength, mental strength, and emotional strength.” The idea is to use this strength as a method of “overcoming fears, breaking through obstacles,” and whatever else is holding us back.

This practice will challenge you on many different levels, but the journey and the end result is well worth it. Cultivate that sense of peace and balance that’s been missing from your life and feel stronger, leaner, and just better!