Core To The Third Power

Travis Eliot

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Want to seriously work your midsection? Core to the Third Power is a 30-minute, Level 2/3 class led by TravisĀ focusing on cardio, strength, super sweaty flow, and of course the core. Increase your strength and improve your balance in this Power yoga class.

Start in Mountain Pose and bring the hands to prayer before closing the eyes and finding the breath. Travis encourages practitioners to allow the breath to lead and guide the movement, and considering this is a Power yoga class, breath work is essential! Power yoga reduces stress and anxiety the way traditional practice does, but involves a lot more cardio....and sweating. It continually exercises the back and stomach muscles while increasing and harmonizing the heartbeat.

Join Travis on this sweat-tastic journey and allow the yoga class to help energize you for the day, or relax you at night. Have fun, and bring a towel!