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Cross Train 30

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by Travis Eliot    -  

 Level: 2      
 Duration: 30 min       


Join Travis Eliot in this 30-minute, Level 2 class in the Power yoga style. Focus is on strength and cardio as well as super sweaty flow, with the class a well-rounded option that also centers on balance.

Start at the top of the mat in Mountain Pose, or Tadasana. Mountain Pose is a simple standing yoga posture designed to reduce flat feet, relieve sciatica, firm the abdomen and buttocks, and strengthen the knees, thighs, and ankles. It also helps improve overall posture.

After spending a few minutes in Mountain Pose and focusing on the breath, Travis moves into Power yoga movements. Power yoga is a more vigorous, more fitness-based version of traditional practice, and often varies by studio. It reduces fat, increases metabolic rate, improves lean muscle tissue and calorie-burning ability, and greatly reduces stress and tension among numerous other benefits. Find your strength and balance as you move through this class with Travis.

 Style: Power        
 Focus: Cardio, Super Sweaty Flow, Strength


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