Cross Train 60

Travis Eliot

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A well-rounded, Level 2, 60-minute class led by Travis, this Vinyasa-style session focuses on strength, super sweaty flow, and cardio. You’ll begin this class in Child’s Pose.

Travis encourages everyone to take a few moments before starting to relax while setting intentions, such as cultivating patience, peace, optimal health, energy, etc. Focus then turns to the breath, with Travis encouraging practitioners to listen to the “river of the breath” and fuse this rhythm with the mind so they become one. He also suggests breaks if practitioners require them, as Child’s Pose is “always there” when needed.

The yoga class gets going with Tabletop Pose, also called Cow Pose. This pose strengthens the neck and front torso in addition to providing the spine and stomach organs with gentle massage.

Join Travis on this hour-long journey and enjoy melting from one yoga pose to the next knowing you’re doing your body (and your mind!) a huge favor!