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Detox and Flow

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by Travis Eliot    -  

 Level: 2+      
 Duration: 30 min       


Looking to increase your sense of balance and strength? Then check out Detox and Flow, a Level 2+, 30-minute class by Travis Eliot. A Power-Vinyasa class, focus is on super sweaty flow, cardio and strength training, detoxification, twists, and core work.

Start at the top of your mat in Mountain Pose and allow any “unnecessary noise” in the mind to float away. This is meant to help you listen to your body and determine what exactly it wants and needs. Once you find your breath you’ll begin your practice, which includes getting the spine warmed up for what’s ahead. Move from Plank to Cobra to Downward-Facing Dog, and be ready to sweat!

Detox your way to a healthier mind and body with this half-hour class. Sweat out toxins while twisting the organs and providing your system with the boost it needs to finish the day, the week, the month, etc. Take breaks if you need to, and have fun!

 Style: Power, Vinyasa        
 Focus: Cardio, Super Sweaty Flow, Core, Strength, Detox, Twists

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