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Hour of Power #2

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by Anaswara   -  

 Level: 2+      
  Duration: 60min    


The second of an intense Power Yoga flow series, Hour of Power #2 is 60-minute, Level 2+ class guaranteed to get you sweating. Class style is a combination of Power and Vinyasa with focus on cardio, strength, and “super sweaty flow.”

Follow Yoga Collective teacher Anaswara as you perform some light stretching before getting into a strong, steady flow. Power Yoga is the counterpart to the meditative stretching traditionally associated with the practice, and incorporates the Surya Namaskar poses, or Sun Salutation yoga postures, to greatly increase strength and flexibility. As with “regular” yoga, Power Yoga provides optimal stress relief, but also improves concentration, increases metabolic rate, improves core strength via constant working of the stomach and back, and harmonizes the heartbeat.

Grab a towel and sweat your way through this “power hour” with Anaswara! Enjoy the sense of accomplishment and feelings of serenity that follow this challenging, highly-worthwhile yoga class.

 Style: Vinyasa, Power       
 Focus: Strength, Cardio, Super Sweaty Flow

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