Hour of Power #3


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The third in a series of intensive Power Flow yoga classes, Hour of Power #3 is a 60-minute, Level 2+ class led by Anaswara. Class style combines Vinyasa with Power Yoga to create a sweat-tastic option focusing on cardio and strength training in addition to the aforementioned sweating.

Power Yoga incorporates Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, yoga postures to greatly improve flexibility and strength via expansion and contraction of the ribcage and waist. A series of 12 poses, regular Surya Namaskar practice increases spine flexibility while trimming your waistline and contributing to overall power and strength. Since every Surya Namaskar pose is followed by strength training in Power Yoga, such as push-ups, a dynamic workout is created, and one that increases and harmonizes the heartbeat in addition to burning calories and reducing stress.

Bring your towel to this yoga class, and get ready to sweat out stress, toxins, and any other tension hanging around in your body! Have fun, and remember to breathe!