Meditative Flow: Fire


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A 40-minute, Level 2/3 moving meditation class led by Anaswara, Meditative Flow: Fire is ideal for the seasoned yogi looking to “feel the fire” of a strong practice. A Vinyasa and Power-style yoga class that combines the soothing nature of meditation with more advanced practice, focus is on strength, cardio, super sweaty flow, and well-roundedness.

Because this is an advanced class, Anaswara encourages practitioners to modify yoga postures or take a break when needed. Start this 40-minute session by “melting down” into Child’s Pose and taking a few deep breaths before going into the first Downward-Facing Dog.

If looking to step up your yoga practice or simply want to experience that “fire”, this class is perfect for you! Join Anaswara and move from one posture into the next, all while remembering to breathe! Work your back and spine, and feel the burn in your core from Plank Pose.