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Open Hips

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by Lauren Eckstrom   -  

 Level: 2      
  Duration: 30min    


This Level 2, 30-minute, Power Vinyasa class by Lauren Eckstrom focuses on external rotation with an emphasis on opening the hips and “getting into the seat of the body.” The hips are a common area for holding stress and tension, making working on hip flexibility a foundation of yoga practice.

Peak poses are Chapasana and Bakasana. Chapasana is a variation of Half Moon Pose that is both a balancing yoga posture and an asymmetrical backbend. It subsequently offers stretching of the back and hips in addition to helping practitioners achieve better balance. Bakasana, or Crane Pose, is a challenging posture that looks like the beginnings of a handstand! Knees rest on the back of the upper arms; the posture strengthens the wrist, forearms, and abdomen while improving balance.

Let go of built-up tension in the hips and enjoy the increased flexibility that results! Join Lauren and have fun!

 Style: Power, Vinyasa     
 Focus: Hips, Flexibility

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