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Out with the Old

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by Lauren Eckstrom   -  

 Level: 2      
  Duration: 40min    


Challenge yourself with this Level 2, Power Vinyasa Flow class by Lauren Eckstrom! A 40- minute class, focus is on balance poses and the hamstrings as well as cardio and stress relief.

Release “old narratives and stories” from your hamstrings and cultivate the space needed to avoid holding tension in the area. Hamstring tension is also associated with holding onto a time when we had to protect ourselves.

Energize your body and heal or prevent injuries in the hamstrings, as this part of the body is a frequent “sore spot” for yogis. Because tightness in the hamstrings hampers other physical activities, it’s essential to work on it so you may enjoy your practice and simply feel better!

A flexible body begins with a flexible mind, which is why Lauren has you take a few moments to “shift the gaze inside.” Turn inward, focus on the breath, and work those hamstrings!

 Style: Vinyasa, Power     
 Focus: Hamstrings, Stress Relief, Balance Poses, Cardio

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