Power Yoga Flow


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Let the sweat flow out of you! Power Yoga Flow is a Level 2/3, 40­ minute class by Anaswara that gets you moving from the start. A Vinyasa ­style class, you’ll focus on cultivating strength in the upper body, particularly the shoulders and core, while also working on the hips and a general sense of well­ roundedness.

Anaswara emphasizes that the class is not for beginners, and to stay with your breath and take breaks as needed. She begins with Downward­Facing Dog and instructs practitioners to move into Plank Pose, which to many is one of the hardest postures in yoga and overall exercise!

Anaswara goes through the Downward­Facing Dog/Plank Pose combination several times before moving on to a variation of Plank. If interested in this class, know this: you’ll be doing a heck of a lot of Plank postures. And while such postures are very challenging, they’re one of the best core workouts in existence.

Sweat it out and strengthen your body! Have fun!