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Relax & Restore

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by Lauren Eckstrom

 Level: 1      
 Duration: 30 min  


Dealing with mounting stress? How about serious fatigue? Are you recovering from illness or injury? Then you need a nice dose of Relax & Restore, a Level 1, 30­minute class by Lauren Eckstrom. A restorative­ style class, focus is on basic movements as well as relaxation and stress relief.

In order to perfect the postures in this class and perform them the right way every time, you’ll need a bolster or pillow, as well as a block or stack of books. Utilizing these items as per Lauren’s instruction ensures the full support you need. You’ll arrange the pieces to create a “ramp” for you to lie back and relax on.

The intention with this yoga class isn’t so much the deep stretching that accompanies other Yoga Collective sessions, but instead is all about getting you to relax. Let go of anger, tension, stress, and worry, and replace these feelings with positive ones! Try the class before or after a stressful day.


 Style: Restorative     
 Focus: Relaxation, Stress Relief, Basics

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